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This Paleo Coconut Oil Fudge is so easy, has only 5 ingredients, takes less than 5 minutes to make and tastes amazing! Dairy free, gluten free, and naturally sweetened.

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Fudge was a treat my family made often when I was young. More times than not, it was the dessert made for birthdays and celebrations. The kind we made though was not healthy at all- packed with sugar and other undesirable ingredients.

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This fudge, on the other hand, is packed with healthy fats from the coconut oil and almond butter, is naturally sweetened with real maple syrup, and it’s just as delicious!

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This fudge does need to stay in the fridge or freezer. It gets soft pretty fast at room temperature. Sinking your teeth into cold fudge is so good though! So it’s not a bad thing at all!

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You can use any nut butter you want for this. I used almond butter to keep it paleo, but you can use peanut butter if you'd like. You can also use sunflower seed butter to make it nut free if there’s a nut allergy you're working around.

This coconut oil fudge is creamy, sweet, and so delicious! If you are looking for a healthier fudge- this is it!

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Paleo Coconut Oil Fudge

Prep Time:5 minutes minutes

Chill Time:2 hours hours

Servings:15 servings



  • Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and set aside.

  • In a small pan, combine coconut oil, cacao, almond butter, maple syrup and salt. Heat over medium heat and whisk until smooth. It does not need to boil or come to a certain temperature.

  • As soon as it's smooth, pour into prepared pan. Place in fridge and let set for ar least 2 hours.

  • Store in fridge or freezer.

Nutrition Information

Calories: 133kcal (7%)Carbohydrates: 7g (2%)Protein: 2g (4%)Fat: 12g (18%)Saturated Fat: 7g (44%)Polyunsaturated Fat: 1gMonounsaturated Fat: 3gSodium: 21mg (1%)Potassium: 118mg (3%)Fiber: 2g (8%)Sugar: 4g (4%)Vitamin A: 0.1IUCalcium: 39mg (4%)Iron: 1mg (6%)

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  1. Marcy Montoys says

    My husband follows the Paleo Diet exclusively and I follow most of the time. We’ve both lost weight which wasn’t the main goal. We just wanted to eat healthier and feel better. This fudge totally satisfies my husband’s sweet tooth...chocolate! It always comes out perfect and can be put together in about 5 minutes.


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Thanks, Marcy! I'm so glad you both love it. 🙂


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Thanks, Vicky!


  2. Stacey says

    Should I use Dutch processed or natural cocoa powder?


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Hi Stacey- I like cacao powder, but out of those two I would use natural cocoa powder.


  3. Tania says

    Would I be able to use sun butter? We have a nut allergy in the house.


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Hi Tania- yes, definitely! Hope you enjoy!


  4. Christine says

    Here is some nutritional info.
    I wasn’t able to copy and paste what I got on My Fitness Pal, but the basics are:
    15 servings
    Calories 141
    Fat 12.4 gm
    Sodium 20.6 mg
    Total carbs 6.8 gm
    Fiber 2.1 gm
    Protein 2.4 gm


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Thanks for calculating that, Christine!


  5. Kath says

    So good! And I love the versatility in butters. Took longer to cool than I thought. I used cashew butter and honey but it really does the job,


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Thanks, Kath! I'm so glad you like it and yes, super versatile.


  6. Michele says

    I haven't tried this yet.
    Can you provide the nutritional breakdown, including calories, grams of fat, carbs, protein and sugar? Thank you


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Hi Michele- I don't calculate that, but you can use a site like My Fitness Pal to figure it out if needed.


  7. Amy says

    If I use peanut butter should I use natural or regular?


    • Jessica DeMay says

      Hi Amy- I would recommend natural. Hope you love it!


      • Amy says

        Thank you so much, can’t wait to try it!


Paleo Coconut Oil Fudge - Real Food with Jessica (2024)
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