New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (2024)

How does registration renewal work?

Registration renewal is a simple and easy 4 step process:

  • Step 1- Enter vehicle information
    Enter the Nine digit PIN from your renewal form.
  • Step 2- Enter owner information.
    Enter updated address (if necessary), insurance info, Social Security Number, and number of Family Duplicates requested.
  • Step 3- Special Interest Plates
    Select a Special Interest License Plate (if desired)
  • Step 4- Pay fees.
    Enter Credit Card information.
  • Provide optional feedback.
    After completing a renewal, you may fill out a short survey and add your own comments.
Once you have completed the process your registration renewal is effective immediately. If your current registration documents have not yet expired, keep and use them until the new ones are received.
  • Your registration documents will be mailed to you within 7 to 14 days.
  • Any family duplicates ordered will be mailed separately within 7 to 14 days.
  • Special Interest License Plates will be mailed within 7 to 14 days.
If you have not received them after two weeks, please call the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission at 609-292-6500.

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What do I need to have in order to do a registration renewal?

  • Your PIN from the bottom right corner of your registration renewal form. The PIN is required for security. If there is no PIN on your renewal form, or you do not have your renewal form, you can request your PIN here.
  • Your Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Your Insurance Identification Card (or your insurance policy number and your insurance company's 3 digit ID) -- Not Required for Boats.
  • A valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.
  • A Web browser that supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Javascript such as Netscape Navigator version 7 or Internet Explorer version 6 (or higher).

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What if I need to change my address information?

The state must have your correct and current mailing address on file to ensure you receive your registration documents.

You must update your mailing address found on your registration renewal form prior to renewing your registration. Use the convenient "Change Address" button found on the Welcome page.

The mailing address may not be changed for leased vehicles.

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What is the system availability schedule?

MyMVC is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day with the exception of the following time periods:

  • Daily:
    • Midnight to 12:20 a.m., Eastern Time
    • 9:15 p.m. to 9:45 p.m., Eastern Time
  • Weekly:
    • Wednesday, 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m., Eastern Time
    • Friday, 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., Eastern Time
    • Saturday, 3:45 p.m. to 4:30 p.m., Eastern Time

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What about security?

Your privacy and security are our highest priority. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission website uses a secure method of performing registration renewals. We are hard at work on an ongoing basis to keep MyMVC one of the most secure Web sites on the Internet. Here are just a few of the things we are doing to protect you:

  • We use the industry's standard bearer for electronic commerce to encrypt your personal information before it ever leaves your computer. This means that your credit card number, Social Security number, insurance information, and address are kept confidential within the system during and after your use of MyMVC.
  • Security procedures are checked and double-checked by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and on a regular basis.
  • For detailed information on our privacy policy, click on the Privacy Notice link just below the MyMVC banner on any page

We hope you will take advantage of the convenience MyMVC offers with complete confidence in its security.

NOTE: MyMVC does not collect or share data on Web site users for marketing purposes.

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What is MyMVC?

MyMVC is an easy way for New Jersey residents to take care of Motor Vehicle Commission business, almost any time of the day or night, from the comfort of their homes or offices.

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Who can use MyMVC to do a registration renewal?

New Jersey drivers are eligible to use MyMVC for:

  • Passenger vehicles
  • Pleasure boats
  • Trailers under 55,000 lbs.
  • Motorcycles

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Can I claim my PAAD, SSI or Lifeline fee exemptions when using MyMVC?

No. You must present proof of eligibility to be able to claim an exemption.

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New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (2024)


New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission? ›

To pass the NJ DMV test, you must correctly answer at least 48 questions (80%).

How to pass NJMVC knowledge test? ›

To obtain a passing score, you must answer 80% or 40 of the 50 questions correctly. To increase your knowledge, continue studying the New Jersey Driver Manual or use the new Online driver manual.

How many questions are on the NJMVC test? ›

The New Jersey MVC permit test has 50 multiple-choice questions. A score of 80% or higher will be needed to pass and get your permit. Once you have passed your written exam and have your permit, you'll be required to display two decals on your vehicle: one each on your front, and back license plates.

Is the NJ driving test hard? ›

The NJ Road Test is not a difficult exam. It must be said that the range of difficulty a student has is mostly, if not entirely based on their behind-the-wheel experience. The behind the wheel experience a student has is a much different experience than taking the New Jersey Written exam.

How can I speak to a live person at NJMVC? ›

If you have any questions, please call (609)292-6500 ext. 5014 or e-mail us at the NJMVC.

How many times can you fail the NJ knowledge test? ›

If you fail the knowledge test you must wait seven days before taking it again. You may re-take the test as many times as you like, but if you have not passed it after 180 days, you will need to renew your Test Receipt.

Can you skip questions on the knowledge test NJ? ›

Instructions to take the test successfully:

While taking the test, if you don't know answer to a question, just skip it instead of answering it Wrong. If you accumulated 11 wrong answers, the test will automatically Fail.

Can I take the NJ written test online? ›

All 665 high schools that are licensed to teach driver education and administer knowledge tests have migrated to the online testing system this academic year.

What 3 tests must you pass to drive in NJ? ›

Make an appointment for the knowledge test.
  • Bring your permit and a photo ID or your primary ID to your appointment.
  • Pass the knowledge test and obtain a learner's permit.
  • Pass the vision test. ...
  • Now you can practice supervised driving to prepare for the road test and obtain a probationary license.

What should I study for the NJ permit test? ›

You can study for the test by reading the NJ Driver Manual. Visit a driver testing center with your 6 Points of ID and purchase an examination permit.

How long is a NJ road test? ›

A Safety Specialist (Examiner) will accompany you while driving in an off-road testing area or on a public road course. The test will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Backup cameras and parking sensors that have been installed on a motor vehicle are permitted to be used during a road test.

How many people fail their driving test in NJ? ›

New Jersey is fairly middle-of-the-road when it comes to test difficulty, with 18 states and the District of Columbia offering up harder tests, according to the study. Drivers over the age of 18 don't have to get a learner's permit, license fees are only $10 and 80 percent of drivers pass on their first test.

Can I just go to NJ DMV without an appointment? ›

Walk-ins are only allowed for first time licenses/IDs/permits, name changes, and red decals at Licensing Centers. Other MVC transactions that can't be completed online require an appointment that customers need to schedule at Appointments at Licensing and Vehicle Centers must be scheduled at

Can I call the NJ DMV to ask questions? ›

Customer service representatives are available from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m., Monday through Friday. Our chatbot general information and pre-recorded information is available at all other times. If you are deaf or hard of hearing, please use 7-1-1 NJ Relay.

What are the 6 points needed for NJ DMV? ›

6 Points of ID
  • At least one Primary Document.
  • At least one Secondary Document.
  • A verifiable Social Security Number (SSN), or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN), or a letter of ineligibility for an SSN from the Social Security Administration (SSA) ...
  • Proof of address.

Can I take the NJ knowledge test online? ›

The second phase of this initiative, launched this spring, transitioned knowledge testing online at the 139 commercial driving schools that are licensed to administer the knowledge test in New Jersey.

Can I walk in to DMV NJ for knowledge test? ›

Appointments are required for: First-time license/permit (REAL ID or standard). If available, you can take your knowledge test at your permit appointment.

What 3 tests must you pass to get a NJ license? ›

Test include:
  • Vision test.
  • Knowledge test.
  • Road test.

What do you do after you pass the knowledge test in NJ? ›

Make an appointment for your road test for 6 months after you pass your knowledge test (3 months if you're over 21).

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